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Lipton Challenge Cup. UCTYC to Add Some Spice

Jul 2019

Lipton Challenge Cup. UCTYC to Add Some Spice

Most sailing pundits knew that there would be an entry from the University of Cape Town Yacht Club (UCTYC) for the Lipton Challenge Cup contest, so there are absolutely no surprises to their entry being received within hours of the closing entry deadline.

UCTYC has competed in this contest religiously for many years, and their crew bring with them lots of spice and excitement, plus more often than not the addition of some serious competition too.

The excitement these students bring is not just the enthusiasm, excitement and exuberance of youth, but additionally of being completely unpredictable on the water while needling some of the serious contenders and generally being a thorn in the side of most teams due to their collective ability to make a boat go fast. UCTYC teams have regularly stood on the podium in the Lipton Challenge Cup, and indeed won races too, so anyone who views their entry as a bunch of “hopefuls” may well end up eating their words.

It is also fitting that a bunch of students are sailing a boat with a complicated formula as a name – CuAI6 (PO4)4(OH)8.4(H2O) – to be precise. Google it if you like, but it refers to the colour turquoise – an apt name for a colourful bunch of students.

Leading this youthful bunch is skipper Nicholas Ryall, undoubtedly the youngest skipper in the fleet at the age of 21


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