Lipton Challenge 2022

Royal Natal Yacht Club, the winners of the Lipton Challenge Cup in 2021, have confirmed that they will defend the Cup in False Bay, Western Cape, between Wednesday 17th and Sunday 21st August 2022.

False Bay Yacht Club have kindly agreed to host the 2022 Challenge.

It is the intention of the Lipton Trustees that this year’s Challenge be open to all boats with a valid ORC International Certificate and a CDL within the range 8.000 to 9.780, the latter being the upper limit for Class C in the 2022 ORC World and Continental Championships. This proposal is subject to the approval of a majority of the yacht clubs recognized by the Lipton Trustees, and a vote in this regard will be conducted within the next few weeks.

Of the 139 boats in South Africa that currently have ORC certificates, 54 have CDLs that lie within the proposed range. This will make the Lipton Challenge a great deal more accessible to the clubs of Southern Africa than it has been for the past two events.

Once the clubs have voted on the ORC proposal, a formal Notice of Race will be distributed.

David Hudson Chair – RCYC Lipton Trustees.

22 02 2022

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