Walvis Bay Yacht Club Enters ‘MB Racing’

pic supplied by WBYC

In the 2019 contest, the last time Bjorn Geiger and Walvis Bay Yacht Club competed in the Lipton Challenge, they had a good turn of speed and had their rivals very worried at times as they looked the part to pull off a shock win.

Inconsistency probably put paid to their challenge then, but this year Geiger has roped in some “big guns” to sharpen their approach and maybe even put them in contention to lift the Lipton Challenge Cup in victory.

Namibian Skipper, Bjorn Geiger, has a passion for one design racing, and is a mover-and-shaker within the Cape 31 Class. He also has four Lipton Challenge contests to his credit, so he’s no newcomer to the cut and thrust of highly competitive yacht racing.

He has teamed up with David Rae, a six-time winner of the Lipton Challenge, with the intention of having the name of the Walvis Bay Yacht Club engraved on the coveted trophy.

Included in their crew are several “old Lipton hands” who will add immense depth, talent and strength to their campaign. Gary Sindler and Nic Baigrie are both pedigree yachtsmen with depth in the Lipton Challenge, plus international regattas and high performance sailing campaigns to their credit.

A relative newcomer to Lipton, and up-and-coming yachtsman is Siyanda Vato.

Although the full crew has yet to be named, so far it collectively brags an impressively talented and competent crew, and knowing David Rae, he will be on the water whipping his team into shape at every opportunity, despite the team motto being to “enjoy racing and be yourself”. There is a strong bond in the team with a single track mind-set being to sail for victory.

“Although winning the Lipton Challenge in 2022 and taking the next event into our home waters of Walvis Bay, Namibia, will be the cherry on top, it is the synergy that is created when we step onto the race course that will drive us to achieve that goal” said owner Bjorn Geiger.

The 2022 Lipton Challenge is stacking up to be an exciting contest between man, yacht and the elements.

Richard Crockett

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