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04 AUG 2019

Lipton Challenge Cup

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Race History

Sir Thomas Lipton, world famous tea merchant and avid yachtsman in his day, donated the Lipton Challenge Cup, a beautiful sterling silver trophy crafted in England in 1908, to the Table Bay Yacht Club in 1909 – today the Royal Cape Yacht Club – with the purpose of “encouraging Yachting in South Africa, and especially in the way of friendly contests in sailing and seamanship in deep sea Yacht Racing”, as stipulated by Lipton in his “Deed of Gift”. The document, kept safely at the Royal Cape Yacht Club, accompanies the trophy and stipulates exactly the conditions for the race and the rules of the competition, still known today as the Lipton Challenge Cup, which is South Africa’s most prestigious sailing competition.

Lipton Challenge Cups were donated to many Yacht Clubs around the globe where Sir Thomas had trade interests, where they are still raced for today.

Well-known for having campaigned for the America’s Cup five times between 1899 and 1930, on yachts all named Shamrock, Sir Thomas Lipton was never to win the world’s most famous yacht race. Nevertheless, he remained cheerful throughout his endeavours, setting a wonderful example to everyone around him by highlighting the beneficial side-effects of participating in sailing races, such as good health and true friendship. He was eventually presented with a solid gold trophy and a donor’s book by the mayor of New York, who described Lipton as being “possibly the world’s worst yacht builder but absolutely the world’s most cheerful loser” (The King’s Grocer: Life of Sir Thomas,Robert A.Crampsey, p.133).

Information gathered from Mitchell Library of Glasgow:

Previous Winners

11911Cape Town6‑8 MetresN.W. ChiazzariPYCTess
21912DurbanIRR of GBN.W. ChiazzariPYCSkabenga
31913DurbanIRR of GBH.J. SpradbrowPYCSkabenga
41914DurbanIRR of GBH.J. SpradbrowPYCSkabenga
51922DurbanIRR of GBH.J. SpradbrowPYCSkabenga
61923DurbanIRR of GBH.J. SpradbrowPYCSkabenga
71952Durban30 m2F. MeadowsPYCAvocet
81953Durban30 m2L.E. Thomas/A.AustinRCYCTarpon
91954Cape Town30 m2G.I. BartholemewZVYCYvette
101955Cape Town30 m2L.E. ThomasRCYCTarpon
111956Cape Town30 m2M. GronnZVYCYvette
121957Cape Town30 m2H.W. KohlerRYCTrickson II
131958Algoa Bay30 m2W.I. HancockRNYCSunmaid
141959Durban30 m2W.I. HancockRNYCMariquita
151960Durban30 m2L.N. HorsfieldCNRapid
161961Durban30 m2L.N. HorsfieldCNRapid
171962Durban30 m2W.I. HancockRNYCMariquita
181963Durban30 m2L.N. HorsfieldHSCRapid
191964Cape Town30 m2W.I. HancockRNYCMariquita
201965Durban30 m2W.I. HancockRNYCMariquita
211966Durban30 m2W.I. HancockRNYCMariquita
221967Cape Town30 m2R.S. ChedburnRCYCYvette
231968Cape Town30 m2H.A. VanHoogstratenZVYCTrickson II
241969Cape Town30 m2C.C. BowleyHYCSunmaid
251970Cape Town30 m2W. Bongers/H.A.Van HoogstratenZVYCTrickson II
261971Durban30 m2J.M. WhittleRNYCSunrose
271972Durban30 m2D.L.CoxPYCTintomara
281973Durban30 m2J.M. WhittleRNYCSunrose
291982DurbanIOR 3 TonH.F. Ellens/A.G. HurterPYCFuel Free
301983DurbanIOR 3 TonG.V. MeekRCYCRoyal Flush
311984Cape TownL26E. SternagelTYCGalactica
321985DurbanL26B. SavageUNYCElement
331986DurbanL26E. VanCuyck/C.P. KeepingRCYCOmega Heatwave
341987Cape TownL26E. VanCuyck/C.P. KeepingRCYCJoko II
351988Cape TownL26C. King/R. NankinZVYCSX Stainless
361989Cape TownL26C. King/R. NankinZVYCSX Stainless
371990Cape TownL26C. King/R. NankinZVYCSX Stainless
381991Cape TownL26G. DavisHBYCJudron
391992Cape TownL26C. KingZVYCFG Minnitt
401993SaldanhaL26C. KingZVYCFG Minnitt
411994SaldanhaL26C. KingZVYCDalys Insurance
421995SaldanhaL26G. Davis/D.HudsonRCYCMBS
431996Cape TownL26M. Schultz/G. MeekHYCAfrica Glass
441997Gordons BayL26G. Davis/D.HudsonRCYCMBS Challenger
451998Algoa BayL26P. Shaw/S. Du ToitGBYCFedsure Medway
461999Gordons BayL26C. King/R. NankinTSCDalys Insurance
472000Simons TownL26G. Davis/M. SadlerRCYCRCYC Orion Challenger
482001Cape TownL26R. NankinTSCDalys Insurance
492002Cape TownL26I. AinslieZVYCMSC Donna Mia
502003DurbanL26R. Nankin/M. SadlerTSCDalys Insurance
512004Cape TownL26R. NankinTSCDalys Insurance
522005Cape TownL26D. Hudson/R. HudsonRCYCRCYC Greenlight
532006Cape TownL26G. Davis/G. BlankenbergTSCDalys Insurance
542007Cape TownL26G. Davis/G. BlankenbergTSCDalys Insurance
552008Cape TownL26G. Davis/G. BlankenbergTSCDalys Insurance
562009Cape TownL26G. Davis/D. RaeRCYCDalys Insurance
572010Cape TownL26G. Davis/G.  BlankenbergKYCColorpress
582011Mossel BayL26G. Davis/D. RaeKYCColorpress
592012False BayL26R. RobinsonRNYCOrion B2G2
602013DurbanL26R. WeddelPYCPYC Choose Life Coordination
612014False BayL26G. Davis/D. RaeRCYCCo-Ordination
622015Cape TownL26G. Davis/D. RaeRCYCCo-Ordination
632016Cape TownL26G. Davis/D. RaeRCYCCo-Ordination
642017Cape TownL26Roger HudsonRCYCRCYC Race Ahead
652018DurbanL26Roger HudsonRCYCRCYC Homechoice